the boy behind the wall

Im usually never drawn towards mysteries, but the boy behind the wall intrigued me. The first day we were here, before lunch, I noticed a small boy about the age of 12 peering ever so slightly over the wall that was almost as tall as he was. Something in my heart told me to approach the boy, so without question, I did. We introduced ourselves and i began my close friendship with Kemar. At first, he was shy and seemed as if he wasn’t interested. So, after a little, I went to lunch, expecting him to be gone. But to my surprise, he was behind the wall, waiting for me. We talked about our favorite colors, our families, and about church. He loves basketball, blue, and smiling. There is something in his eyes that makes me see Jesus in a new light:Joy. We have become the closest of friends and although I just met him at the wall 10 minutes ago, I cannot wait to see him again at 12, when he said he would be back to play. He is intrigued by a camera, and getting my water bottle in photos. Each day. I know I can look out the church window at the wall, and see his big brown eyes, just waiting. They say not to pick favorites, but Kemar, you’re it.

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