Update from Puerto Rico!

What a week it has been since our last post!

Last week our time was split between work projects and Vacation Bible School.
The team got their hands dirty cleaning up a yard that was overgrown with weeds, plants, and broken up cement blocks.  The families living on the property were unable to do the work themselves, so we were happy to make a difference.  The yard looked great when we finished up.
After lots of sweat and hard work each morning, we headed back to camp for lunch and some chill time before heading back to the barrio.
One of our hosts, Kaylah, along with her husband Harry, run an after school program for the kids there.  Their summer months are spent hosting VBS and helping with summer camps at Camp Caribe.  
Every afternoon at 3PM, the neighborhood kids would show up at Kaylah’s gate, eager to play and have fun.  We played games, sang songs, listened to a Bible and missionary story, and did arts and crafts.  The best part of the whole weeks was getting to throw water balloons at one another! 
Our evenings have consisted of dinner, relaxing, and team time – a time for us to share what God has shown us here, prayer requests, and encouraging one another.
This week has been a bit different.  Chikicampa – the kids’ day camp for 5 to 8 year olds – has been going on at Camp Caribe, and the team has been helping the Puerto Rican counselors with all of the activities – arts and crafts, swimming, and learning Bible verses.  
It’s hard to believe that our time here is wrapping up and that we will be returning to the States in just a few short hours.  We are thankful for what the Lord has done through our time here. 
Of course, not all of our time in Puerto Rico was spent working hard, sweating buckets, and downing rice and beans.  We had an adventure or two. . . 
Raising our team flag after climbing a mountain
If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?
Well, yes. . . 
Salsa lessons in Ponce!

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