Hello From Your Puerto Rico Leaders!

Hello from beautiful, balmy Gainesville, Georgia!

This is Chelsea writing on behalf of the Puerto Rico leadership team. We just wanted to say how excited we are to meet our Ambassadors this Friday! This week, we leaders are planning, learning, praying, and dreaming about our team’s arrival. We are so excited to meet each of you in person and spend the next couple weeks with you pursuing God together!

If you are a parent of a Puerto Rico participant (or any participant, for that matter) and you are not yet connected to the parents’ Facebook page, head over and search for Ambassador Parents Summer 2017, and request to join. This is a great way for you to keep in touch with, update, and encourage other participants’ parents as our Ambassadors launch all over the world. 

Happy packing, Puerto Rico. We will see you soon!

From left to right: Jen Wahlers, Chelsea Greenwood, Meg Nangle

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