Puerto Rico Week 2

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Day 7

Church day!!

Team worship on the roof. Beautiful view -and hot!

Went with Abuelos and Tia to church. Watched a kids play, baby dedication, worshipped and listened to the singing speaker. We introduced ourselves at the front of the church-in Spanish too!!

The few youth were really encouraged to see American youth in their church.

Ate empanadas and acapulias for lunch on the back deck.

Spontaneously drove to the caves-we’re closed, rain. Drove to a zoo/lighthouse/pool/beach – with Noe’s cousins.

Jumped off the pier.

Got Frappes on the way back-prayed for and blessed a small family with money to buy desert.

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Day 8

Travel day-back

Breakfast out back on the porch. Listened to Abuelita tell her story-how she turned from religion to a relationship with God after growing up in an orphanage. She encouraged the girls and spoke gods light and life into us all.

Prayed for the Abuelos and received their words of encouragement in The Lord.

Drove to old San Juan – first stop, el morro fort and castle. The kite hill.

Second stop-food-at the restaurant birthplace of the Piña Colada.

Third stop – shopping.

Arrived at our new home, the church-hamburger dinner and games

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Day 9

Great team time in the morning. Encouraging.

Salvation Army day 1. Swept mopped and cleaned the main building. At the store, helped Ana and ??? Sort and organize clothes.

Met the youth at the beach. Swam, played volleyball. Tia’s went coco oil hunting.

Movie night in the church with the youth. Games and hide and go seek. Juan gave a message.


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Day 10

Final full day.

Salvation Army in the morning. The ladies were so grateful-they cried. They said we redeemed for them their experience, with past youth groups. They said We shined gods light and they were so encouraged. Then they have us free our travel day outfits!

Mom-cool aid!

Final team time-with Noe-all encouraged each other. Told what they loved about the experience.

Made tacos and played mafia with the Tia’s.

Went to church and youth group.


Notes for goodbyes

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