My favorite moment when I was out in ministry was when I gave apples to a homeless man who was collecting pop cans. He didn’t say anything, but I may have helped him greatly, or have been a good example to people that might’ve seen me.        -Tom Palumbo

My favorite moment when I was out in ministry was…spending time at the orphanage. I really enjoyed spending time with kids who show some incredible, unbridled joy. Even if a language barrier exists, the communication that goes with music, drama, sports, and high 5’s, is cross-denominational, cross-cultural. It’s such a beautiful and satisfying thing. And in some ways, I’d love to think that I was ministering to them, but they were more of a blessing.      -Peter Twigg

My favorite moment was today at the orphanage. Today the children really showed me how vulnerable they are. Just like we are the children. We are so innocent and young. The children were so adorable. Even if you don’t speak the same language, as long as you can love someone then its all good.                -Annie Golden
My favorite moment when I was out in ministry was when we were at the nursing home. I usually am not a big fan of ministering at nursing homes but this time was different. A woman was there named Maria. She had a very hard time speaking but she loved to hear singing. A few of us sang while I held her hand and her fact just lit up. At the end, she told me God was in me and He loved me. It touched me so deeply I cried when I left. It was amazing.         -Ashlie Mitchell

The best thing that happened while on ministry was when we met an old woman sitting in a wheelchair. We stopped and talked to her for a while and with tears in her eyes she said that she had been feeling so lonely, that her granddaughters never visited, and that her son was in the U.S. and couldn’t come visit either. We prayed for her and she thanked us and she asked us to come back and just show God’s love by just being with her.                -Ian Newman