Experiencing God in Puerto Rico

Stories of how we’ve seen God work during this trip…

I’ve seen God work in other people this week by allowing us to plant a seed from Him in them. My missionary team and I have done so by showing His love to people. Some were Christians and some weren’t, but almost all were filled with joy to have us sent to speak to them. We worked to do this through Ask the Lord (ATL), house visits, Living Water, and visiting others in the orphanage and retirement home. It could be discouraging at times when people didn’t understand or want to talk to us, but it was a relief that God still used us for a purpose in their lives.          -Elizabeth Schechter

The guys on this trip have really shown a side to me that I have never seen in males before.   Back at home guys’ idea of being manly is being unemotional and tough. While being here I realized that its more attractive for a guy to worship and give their hearts completely to God. I’ve seen Jesus in them through everything they do here.          -Sarah Charrier

Her name is Charis from Paris. Actually, I should call her something a little less catchy and a little more true, like Charis from Jesus. Sounds weird but it has been the story of my life this week. When I was going through a rough time she came over and gave me a great big hug. As if that wasn’t enough from a girl I barely knew and had hardly talked to, five minutes later she came over again and told me God was “laying me on her heart” and that I was forgiven and all I needed to do was just let go. God spoke to me through Charis and it was an incredible experience. She is not judgmental and is always there to offer a big smile or skip down to the house. Besides her general wonderful presence, God used her to confirm something I had been praying about. He used her as a tool to give me the answers and confirmation I was searching for.                 -Audrey Hum

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