Small Groups

On Tuesday and Thursday nights, we attend church members homes and share our testimonies and messages from God. The cell groups can range from all women or all men or consisting of both genders. Usually, the meetings start with some Peruvian music playing and everyone getting settled in. After the music stops, the owner of the house takes over and leads the whole group into prayer. Generally, one of us, will share our testimonies to the whole group. A trend I have noticed in our group is that everyone deals with a high school difficulty such as drugs, alcohol, bullying, addictions, or unacceptable. Once, we are done sharing our testimonies, the Peruvians share a part of their life to us and how Christ saved and helped them out. Usually, after one of us opens up with a part of our lives and struggles, a Peruvian person will open up and share about the same topic as the person who spoke right before them. A couple nights ago, a teenager boy from the States talked about one of addictions that he dealed with and how Christ helped get ruin of his addiction. A couple mins after the boy gave his story, a Peruvian man opened up with his addiction to drugs and how his family fell apart from it. It took many years to recover and get his family back together with the help of Christ, but he believed in Christ and never gave up. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned on this trip is that my story is still being written and my journey keeps going. Been a good, solid two weeks so far of the trip. Cant wait for the end of the trip and what Christ has stored for us.

-Anna J.

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