Finding comfort in the discomfort

Coming into Peru I didn´t know what to expect. I knew that God would move and that we would be helping the poor and making an impact on the city but I didn´t quite now how. Now that I have been here for a couple of weeks I have seen God in action in so many ways. I have been given many opportunities to speak in front of large crowds about God on this trip and I have experienced supernatural things while doing so. I have experienced God use me merely as flesh while he is the one speaking.

It has been a daily test though, walking through the inner city slums of Villa el Salvador, with the deep misty overcast skies, and seeing all of the long faces of the Peruvians we walk by. It is definitely not a happy place, if anything its one of the darkest I have been to. Yet here in the darkness I have been blessed by seeing God´s light shine brightest in such trying and depressed places.

On every trip I have been on I have learned something that always changes my world view. On this one it is finding comfort in the discomfort of life here. It is not living conditions I am talking about either, if anything they are pretty nice getting to sleep in my hammock and warm sleeping bag every night. It is more of a mental discomfort though. A mental discomfort of trying to forget about all of the stresses that every day life gives you. Forgetting about all of the expectations you feel as if you must live up to back home as being a good student, a good son, yet still not feeling good enough while in your own skin in your own house.

I have found myself in Peru. I have seen what God is calling me to do, I have heard it in the night over the roosters crowing and the neighbors blaring their loud music at 3am. I have found that I am perfect in God´s eyes that there is nothing I can do that will make him love me any less, and for that, for finally realizing that, I am grateful. God´s light is beautiful and life changing and I´m glad he has made his presence known here to me, the team, and in the country.

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