Exploring Manzini

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Hi friends! Praise God that He has gotten us safely to Manzini, Swaziland. After 3 days of training camp in Georgia, a crazy long plane ride, and now one day in Swaziland, our team is truly growing into a family. Today we explored Manzini, learning the important places and getting to know the town. We went to a small hospital and prayed for the sick people there. Tomorrow we will start our ministry, which will include a LOT of working with children. I look forward to what God is going to do in us these next few weeks. Pray that God would show our team exactly how and where He wants to use us, so that Swazi lives will be changed for His glory!



Hey all! Everything is swell so far in Manzini! After much traveling, sleeping, and settling in, we’re about to start ministry tomorrow. The weather here is very nice. It’s winter, so it gets chilly at night, but weather during the day is very pleasant. Our team continues to grow closer through our challenges and blessings, and I’m constantly remembering to appreciate the small things as well as to not take so many things for granted. Today, we tried to find our way around Manzini, and a couple of girls at a local mall walked with us for a while to help us out. While walking, one of them sang us gospel songs in a beautiful voice. When I asked her if she taught herself how to sing so well, she told me, “I believe it is a blessing.” I can feel great things happening in this team, and I know that God will work through us to rock Swaziland!


                                  From swaziland.myadventures.org

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