First Impressions of Swazi


I’ve never been so content and felt so blessed to be sitting in the dirt with a small child sleeping in my lap. The only communication we had was his snoring which was surprisingly loud for a child his size. I am thrilled to spend our day at these care points for the coming weeks. -Georgia

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It’s only day 1 and the Lord has already wiped away every doubt I’ve had. There have been a couple times when I questioned God and I have wondered if this is what He has called me to do. Yet, running around with the children made all that go away. I am here for a reason. And if that means having cow poop thrown at me by some kid at a care point or spilling all the water I am trying to balance on my head, anything God has in store for me is fine by me. -Sydney

Although the Gogo’s (grandmothers) are the most intimidating women I have ever met their strength is incredible. They provide meals for 100 kids daily and never complain or ask for nay help. TO have the strength they do but also to be as loving as they are, is something I strive for. Being able to help them in anyway possible is one of the most humbling experiences. -Paige

Swazi is the most intimidating place I have seen with the people staring into your eyes, reading your soul and speaking their language knowing that they are talking about you. With this it has allowed me to become selfless knowing Americans are the exact same. It is also the most beautiful, intimate place just knowing Christ is ALL over. -Hannah

It is so beautiful here in Manzini, I especially love the southern Cross in the night sky. My favorite part of today doing missions was being able to hold and play with the children. Let’s just say playing jump rope with about 20 kids is very interesting, especially with such a small jump rope. -Marissa

Today was one of the most incredible days of my life. I was constantly amazed by Christ’s love and mercy. Holding four children in my arms with their bright eyes looking up at me with so much joy is so unbelievably humbling. I belong here.-Katelynn

Helping the Gogo’s fetch water, and carry the buckets on our heads back to the care point was very humbling. I have realized how unappreciative we are in the U.S. -Sam

From swaziland.myadventures.org

I now see the Love that God has for all of His children is infinite. When He wants to transform and use one of his kids He will surely do so. -Ezra

My first day in Swazi was so humbling. The people here are so thankful for the little they have and are so open to just love you. The same way God love’s us even when we do nothing. -Jaime

My first day in Swaziland was so incredible yet also heartbreaking. Seeing the joyful smiles of the kid?s while they have so little is life changing. -Emma

Today I spoon fed a baby with a stick and I watched as two children pushed each other on the ground to get in my lap. The words Jesus spoke of loving the least of these came to life. Today I experienced Swaziland and today I experienced our awesome Heavenly Father. -Megan

I don’t want to leave this country. It is an eye opening experience to love on and play with Swazi children, carry a jug of water from a well on my head, watch children eat a meal that could be the only food they get for an entire day with a stick, and see joy in people who have so little.-Christin

My life is wrecked. To see the beauty in all that God has created in life over here is super humbling. I love everything about life over here. God is extremely incredible.-Kimmy

Swaziland is a place filled with unending beauty of mountains, little faces full of light and life, a contagious amount of joy and strong women.-Avalon

As soon as I walked into Thulwane (our first care point), and a small child jumped into my arms, I realized exactly why God sent our team here. These children are so desperate for love that I can try to satisfy, but in reality it is something only God can fill. I cannot wait to do VBS and share with these children Gods amazing love.-Lisa

It hurts to see so many who have so many needs when I feel as though I have so little to offer and while it’s easy to vocally say that Jesus is all we need, actually having your heart say the same is a very different situation. Especially when our definition of need is so typically based on our wants. – Olivia


We just want to let everyone know that everything is going great here, the power comes and goes and so does the internet. If you have been expecting to hear from someone on the team and haven’t that is why. We love the whole team and look forward to the next blogs to come. -Chris & Haley

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