Monday evening, after a day of training, all of us were prepared and excited to head out to our first ministry opportunity.  However, we had received the wrong address and had taken a bus 30 minutes in the wrong direction.  We quickly headed to another bus stop hoping to make it to the ministry in time to still serve even if we were a little late.  The bus routes were confusing though and we hopped on another wrong bus.  We ended up in front of Lake Michigan where the bus driver kicked all of us off the bus because the route had ended.  We took a few minutes sitting near the lake to pray and ask God for direction in what he wanted us to do.  We ultimately decided that we were going to at least try to make it to the ministry even if it was just for a half an hour.  By the time we got back to the church it was too late to try to make it to the ministry as they closed in 10 minutes and we still had at least 20 minutes of travel time.  We all went inside disappointed and disheartened that our first ministry did not work out.

               Monday’s ministry was just the first of many plan changes.  Tuesday afternoon we were supposed to serve at a nursing home and work with the elderly people, but they called and cancelled last minute.  On Thursday, we were again scheduled to go and help with Vegas Game Night at the nursing home.  However, the people who run game night cancelled so again we were unable to go.  Friday, we were heading to the Prayer Furnace.  This is a 24/7 time of worship and prayer that we were going to participate in.  When we arrived at the building there was a notice posted on the door that they were closed for the entire month of July.  At this point, everyone was extremely frustrated, disappointed, and disheartened.

               As our ministry plans continually change, God stays the same.  When one opportunity is taken away, he gives us something else in its place.  On Monday night, we got to see a lot of the city as we rode around on several different buses.  It was a fun time to get acquainted with the area since we had not been outside the church much.  Tuesday morning, after learning the nursing home was cancelled that afternoon, we decided to do an ATL (Ask The Lord) to see what we should do with our afternoon.  We decided to go buy several cases of water bottles and distribute them to people at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Not only was this a great ministry opportunity, but it also allowed us to see one of the main tourist attractions of Chicago.  When game night got cancelled, we stayed at the church and played games of our own.  This was a wonderful time of team building and relaxation that everyone needed. 

               The next couple of days hold many more exciting ministry opportunities that we hope to participate in.  However, whether we follow the schedule or not all of us are learning to find peace in knowing that God is in control.  His plan will always be a thousand times better than any plan we could come up with even when we do not see or understand what his plan is.  Though it can be frustrating and discouraging to constantly have what we feel are great ministry opportunities cancelled, we continue to keep our heads up and look towards God for his plan and his direction.