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Like a Child

One of the ministries we participated in was at a homeless shelter where the majority of our team helped serve dinner to the residents. We had too many girls to work in the kitchen so I got to walk around and talk with some of the people eating there. The evening started with my hair French braided but was quickly taken down for some little girls to play with as they talked to me and giggled and smiled. A few of the moms were not happy with their daughters so they conveyed this in various ways. Some of them yelled and said words I wouldn’t repeat, others grabbed their child and smacked...

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Plans Change, God Does Not

Monday evening, after a day of training, all of us were prepared and excited to head out to our first ministry opportunity.  However, we had received the wrong address and had taken a bus 30 minutes in the wrong direction.  We quickly headed to another bus stop hoping to make it to the ministry in time to still serve even if we were a little late.  The bus routes were confusing though and we hopped on another wrong bus.  We ended up in front of Lake Michigan where the bus driver kicked all of us off the bus because the route had ended.  We took a few minutes sitting...

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Ambassadors in Chicago!

Team Chicago: aka – Daughters of Courage! (they chose this name) These ladies are taking Chicago by storm with the mission statement: Be Light, Be Love, Be Jesus.                           (again, their idea) We got in safely and Friday night was filled with getting to know each other and Chicago style pizza!  The only way to start our time in Chicago!     The Leaders! By Saturday – we felt like we had known each other way more than...

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