Special Day at Timbutini 2 Carepoint

Today, we had the opportunity to host a special fun day for the care point at Timbutini Two, which is the care point we visit every afternoon during the week. This is a care point that isn’t sponsored and we are the first group to serve there.

Some of the children at this care point have never seen white people so us just being there is special to them, but this truly was a special day. 

We were able to provide the children and the Gogo’s at this care point with a day of games, food and lots of laughter. As we arrived around 9:30 there was already a crowd of children anxiously awaiting our arrival. Once we got there we worked to prepare for the masses of children that would be coming by preparing games and setting up an obstacle course bounce house, which EVERY SINGLE CHILD LOVED! After an exciting morning we were able to provide every child and Gogo with a delicious meal of Chicken Dust, a Swazi delicacy consisting of roadside chicken and porridge (chicken seasoned with dust from the road and porridge equivalent to corn meal cake). After lunch, we also were able to surprise all of the children with homemade cupcakes. It was truly amazing to see the thankfulness and joy from every child. After all of the surprises we were able to just hang out with the Gogo’s and children playing games and sharing American and traditional Swazi dances. There was an abundance of laughter and everyone grew closer as we shared the love of Christ in us.

It really was a special day. 

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From swaziland.myadventures.org

Ambassador Experiences:

The joy at Timbutini 2 today was almost tangible. The day was nothing short of perfect, being able to serve 200 kids in a way that they have never been served before. It never fails to break my heart to see children having to be older than they actually are by saving their food for their next meal or caring for their baby siblings when they still need to be cared  for themselves. It was awesome for us to have the opportunity to let these incredible children just be kids for the day by playing games with them, painting their nails, and setting up a bounce house. -Georgia

Amounts of joy spread throughout all the children brought tears to my eyes, knowing they are all feeling God’s love. Being someone on the outside, seeing how they feel when they realized they do not have to share one meal is completely breath taking. These kids are finally seeing what it means to be worthy. Giving them one day of FUN gave me true happiness just because they were having fun. All children of daddy deserve true fun and that is what happened today. -Hannah

I can’t express how cool it is to show these kids the extravagance of God’s love. They think that by getting their toenails painted they are inheriting the entire world, and the fact that Jesus qualified me to give that to them has me completely in awe of His heart. My friends at Timbutini 2 gave me more than they could from today. They reminded me that I am worthy of love, and that our Father is crazy about showing us that life with Him is extraordinary. -Paige

The special day we had today at Timbutini Two reminds me that Jesus really does love all the little children. Being able to live that out by providing a blow-up obstacle course and painting a little girls nails was an honor. The joyful smile on their face said it all: they felt loved and they felt special. The purpose of this trip was to show Jesus’s love to these little ones and after today I feel our mission is being accomplished. -Sydney

Seeing the pure enjoyment that the kids get from the simple things in life, makes you rethink everything you are blessed with. I love them all. -Ezra


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