The Divine Nature of Creation

It is simply beautiful here. God is constantly present in the mountains that seem to rise up every morning and in the deep red sunsets that end each day with a grand finale. I have the best view where my bunk sits near the window overlooking a vast picture of Manzini. Simply breathtaking. While we travel to the Carepoints, on most days, the drive is also quite a sight to see. My favorite scene is either dusk or dawn when the distant mountains are hidden by shadows created from the sun’s rays, like a layered crescendo. I know those mountains must be created by a fascinating, intricate Artist. But, that was not enough, because He then created mankind. Wow. How cool to think the Master of the World was not satisfied with the mountains, so He made us. We are the most elaborate and beautiful of all creation. And living in a foreign country opens eyes to the diversity of God’s workmanship. I cannot escape the beauty resting in this place I’ve called home.  

I have come to realize our Master Artist has created us in His image. He has literally placed a part of Him in every single human being; that is seriously amazing to wrap my mind around. That means, friends, you and I have godly qualities. As we bring ourselves closer and closer to Him, we look and act more like our Creator. Something to think about.

Written by: Shannon 7/24/16

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