Puerto Rico Week 1

Leaving the aim base after training…excited, here we go


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Day 2

Devo-insecurities. How to overcome them!

The god within us is greater than the giants outside of us.

Unknowns-trusting god-he’ll provide our ministry and days:)

Beach-met Carlos Kayla Karla. Water football/rugby

Pool time-invited to church. Sang worship in the pool. Pollo fights and watched as karla kicked all our butts in sharks and minnows

Pasta dinner and team time @ moonlight bay hostel

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Day 3

Helped the area around us:

Picked up the beach trash. Several local people said thank you-they were very appreciative.

Ate dinner at Los Kioskos, with Mykka and Nidia…ate empanadas, drank coconut milk, ate crab and shrimp fried things, and the food that starts with a P.

Went to church-worshiped and listened to a sermon on Conflict of Interest. the church offered us to stay at their church facilities.


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Day 4

Fun Day

Went to Yunque National Forest with Mykka and Nidia.

First stop-leach pool lol.

We all jumped in-some jumped of a 10 foot boulder and swung from a rope.

Second stop-water slide…until ‘the chin’…

The rest continue on in the forest.

Melissa eats a fish.

Team dinner Mac and cheese…and a hilarious game of mafia! Parker schooled Alyssa


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Day 5

Bfast on the roof-waffles and cereal.

Morning devotion:

Flowers-we started the first occasion of giving flowers to each other.

We sang “How He Loves Us” together in worship.

Them headed to the San Juan Puerto Rico Children’s Hospital-

We prayed for many kids. From 4 woks old to 14 yrs old. They had bronchitis, infections, lung disease, and much more problems. We prayed, gave hugs, shook hands, and helped being gods hope.

Ate dinner in Old Town San Juan – at a sandwich and Empenada hole in the wall joint.

Are with the pigeons in the square and stopped off at the nicest Starbucks for bathroom break. 

Went to Cell Group with the young people of the church. About 20 of them there. Shared pictures and stories of our ‘pasts.’ Listened to a talk on Patience. And are chips and drank soda afterwards while chatting to get to know each other.

Did team time on the roof as we ate ice cream bars from
our stop off at CVS. Talked about the plans for the next day to travel to the West side of the island tomorrow-the tropical jungle.

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