Reflections from a PR Ambassador

Megan Collette just returned from a 10 day Ambassador trip to Puerto Rico and has decided to share a little bit of what God placed on her heart near the end of her experiences and what God revealed to her on this trip.

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Written on July 2, 2013

It’s Tuesday. We leave on Thursday, and God is revealing something to me about our time here. This isn’t a mission trip. Well, technically that is what this trip is called, but it has been so much more than that.

From puertorico.myadventures.org



My team has gone from being complete strangers to a family that is simply following Jesus and living life together for two weeks. It isn’t fancy, but it is definitely extraordinary.




From puertorico.myadventures.orgBefore the trip, I always talked about finding the “more” in life, and I think I found it. The answer I have been searching for this entire time is Jesus. I’m not talking about the “go to church on Sunday so God doesn’t hate me” Jesus that I wrestled with my entire life. I’m talking about the actual Jesus who is alive and brings life, freedom, redemption, and so much more.


Some of the Ambassadors leading a devotional with teen girls from the community.

I have gotten to know this Jesus, and what He is now showing me is that He designed life to be filled with both exciting adventures and genuine rest. During this time living in Puerto Rico, I have experienced Jesus, and I can honestly say I will never be the same.

From puertorico.myadventures.org

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