Having a Great Time!

We have had a GREAT couple of days here so far!  Other than the terrible humidity — everything is near perfect!!

Here are some pics of our time so far….

From puertorico-hs.adventures.org

From puertorico-hs.adventures.org

From puertorico-hs.adventures.org

From puertorico-hs.adventures.org

We have spent time doing community outreach and working with kids at a summer camp program.  This team is incredible!  Not only have they loved deeeply – but they just give 100% all the time. 

And to top it all off — they are SO FUNNY!!!!  Every single person on this team has such a great sense of humor and our nightly debrief times end up leaving us with cramped stomachs from how much we laugh at each other!

Here are some of the things they have to say …..

Maria:  “God is so amazing and I am learning so much!”
Daniela:  “I love Puerto Rico — I tried Malta and it is delicious!”
Chassey:  “I can see God’s hand at work in this beautiful country of Puerto Rico and I am being blessed by the     people’s sweet spirits!”
Simon: “I feel like the people here accepted me right away.  All the old ladies say I look like their grandson!”
Alicia: “I love Puerto Rico, and I am learning a lot!”
Esteban: Everyday I continue to be amazed by how undeserving we are and how great God is.  It’s a true blessing to be in Puerto Rico and I am very thankful!”
Jake: “Not only is Puerto Rico amazing, but the people here are incredible.  Though we are strangers, they immediately accept us and try their best to make us feel at home.  God bless Puerto Rico!”
Shantell: “I have learned soooo much here in only 2 days.  I love the people and I thank God for this opportunity!”
Nathan: “Puerto Rico is so so amazing.  The people and little children are all so so great.  The citizens of Puerto Rico are very thankful and accept us for how we look and act!”
Maya: “I love the wonderful kids and kind, generous adults we have met!  Everybody is so energetic, welcoming and sincere.  It’s fun to be able to practice Spanish as well!”
Mikayla: “I love all of the wonderful people I have met and I am very thankfl for this wonderful trip!”
Kelly: “Puerto Rico is amazing!  The little kids here are small and extremely cute and it’s also blazing hott.  It’s really fun to learn Spanish and tell people about the Lord!”
Dani: “I love the people on my team!  They are all incredible and bring something unique to the table.  Also, Puerto Rico is amazing, the food is great, the people are better!  I never want to leave!”
Justin: “The evangelism this week has been incredible.  I love meeting new people and just praying for them.  We have met some incredible people and I know God has plenty more for us!”

I am so proud of the growth that I have already seen in each of these kids’ lives!  I cannot wait to spend 7 more days with them — watching God transform them!  They are learning how to be bold and really step out in their faith – and above everything else — they really know how to love well!!

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