Hola from Team Belize!

Yay! We found internet…… no really, it’s hard to come by here. We wanted to give you all an overview of what we have been up to in the beautiful country of Belize. Before we go there though, we wanted you to know that we are all safe and having a blast. Now, basically our ministry is KIDS, KIDS, and more KIDs. We have been doing a lot of activities with the local children in Georgeville, Belize Central America. Whether it is visiting schools or doing Vacation Bible School, they flock to us. It is amazing to see our team bond and minister to the kids through actions of love. The kids are so enthralled with the team that it is often hard to get them to go home. Some of these kids hitchhike home late at night; and they are only 9 years old! That’s the impact our team is making. We also have been going door to door praying over people. Here is what your amazing kids have to say about the trip so far:

The most amazing part of this trip, by far, are the children. They are the most touching and good-hearted kids I’ve ever been around. Today was one of our team members birthday; and while we were prayer walking one of the girls came up to Ally and gave her a gift. It brought most of us to tears, me included. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I’m so grateful to be able to have this experience. Miss you guys!” Love, Adrienne Gemma

“The kids are awesome! Prayer walks have been a lot of fun too. Miss you guys a lot and see you soon! Love you!!” Christy Beasley

“I really enjoy spending time with all the children. They are all so happy and they really like piggy back rides. Even when I am really tired and don’t want to carry them anymore; I can’t say no to their smiling faces. Another thing that has really touched me is one of the guys we talked to. He said that he goes to the jail and talks to the men about God. I could really tell he has a love for God. This trip has been a great experience!”  Love, Maddie Guizar

“These past few days in Belize have been so wonderful! We’ve had a few laughs together- like Maddie eating a chicken foot without knowing it. We’ve also become like family. Yesterday, and today, we went prayer walking and everytime we’ve gone, I have learned something about myself and who God is. Today I walked up to two women sitting under a palm tree and I had the chance to pray for one of their sons. He has cerebral palsy. How amazing it was! I miss you and love you!” Love, Ally

“The children are so precious here. We’ve played with them for hours everyday we’ve been here. Piggy back rides, tag, red rover, duck duck goose, and of course lots of pictures. We’ve also gone on prayer walks too. I am doing good and have been taking my vitamin C. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! I love you lots and miss you!” Love, Jenny

“I really enjoy playing football and basketball with the kids of Belize. We spend hours playing games like tag, dodge ball, red rover, and an AIM game called ‘tiki tonga’*. I’m having a blast! Love you guys!” Love, Taylor

“”The days in Belize really have moved my heart. After seeing and praying for people around the village, it makes me feel so grateful for the things I have. The chance to serve God’s kingdom in Belize is truly fun and maybe even a little inspiring. It is my hope to serve in another mission trip later on in my life.” Love, Joshua Lee

“Belize is beautiful. From the people to the view, something always makes you stop in your tracks. The people have so much to offer and are so accepting of us and God. We have been on an adventure since we’ve come. We’ve gone on prayer walks, carried children on our backs for what seems like a thousand miles, and ate different foods. God is blessing this trip and His love for us is so evident. We are being blessed by the children even more then we bless them. God is amazing and always will be! God Bless!” Shelby

“It’s beyond beautiful here; everything is so fresh and green. The people are so warm and inviting; and helpful. I’m learning, with each new place I go, that children all want the same thing. They want love and attention. They are delighted to be told they are beautiful and that they matter. I know someone who will never leave and will delight in them always. Please pray that I can show God’s love to these children, and also pray for physical strength for my team. Thank you so much!” Love, Kendra

“God’s presence has never been more real to me, then it has been the past few days…..even in training camp. The children we’ve met have been so inspirational in their joy for life and everything in it; despite having so little. This trip has already shown me many trials and I’m positive God is the only thing keeping me going. Pray for us to continue to show God’s love in all that we do. I love y’all and miss you; and hope you had a great Fathers Day and birthday. Can’t wait to tell you everything!” Love, Laura

“Belize…..wow! It is such a beautiful country and such a beautiful community. I have never seen such loving and endearing children as these. We have come here in the hopes of touching them, but in reality they are touching us. One of the most emotional moments on this trip happened today on our prayer walk. It was the girl giving Ally a birthday present. She surprised her with a book and lotion. I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere in the group. The prayer walks have been amazing, but I especially loved leading songs in the front of a school assembly. I also enjoyed speaking a message to them too. I had never done that before. Anyways, I love you Mom. Dad, Chaca, Lucy, and Ethel. In His Name!” Love Sally

“Wow! We are amazed at how awesome our team is. Each day us leaders are blown away at the joy this group can bring. They have hearts the size of mountains, and they serve with a big smile. They are willing and ready to do the task at hand; and through it are learning a lot. It is HOT here, but that is not stopping our team. God is clearly working through them and they are clearly growing spiritually. They have witnessed sad stories and things that break their hearts; but their faith is just strengthened. We are so excited for the rest of our time here and for the kids to get to share it with you when they get home. So, as the heat rises so does our motivation to impact this community. God Bless you all!” Jared, Alycia, and Katie

Sorry we were unable to upload pictures but….. internet is not the best. We will make the effort to get the team to a different town, so they can email you. Take care and God Bless!!

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