Wow! Training camp is about over and we are heading out to the field, to serve our amazing God. The kids have done a lot in a short time and are bonding quite well. We’ve worshipped, laughed, prayed, let go of “stuff” we’ve been holding on to, and danced like it’s 2011. Tomorrow we leave on a jet plane to Belize, where we are ready to do VBS for the local children. We are excited to share this adventure with all of you and hope you will join us in prayer, as we minister to God’s people. Stay tune for some incredible stories and testimonies of God working in Belize! P.S. the verse on the sign is 2 Corinthians 1:3-4; as we hope to bring God’s comfort to the people we come in contact with. In turn, we believe we will discover a whole new level of the peace God can bring us in our own problems.

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