Lessons Learned So Far

A little reflection on lessons learned during this trip… 

Servanthood is one of the greatest things I have learned on this trip. The people on my team love to serve each other. It is motivation for me to continue to serve others around me when I get home.          -Charis Riner

I have learned to be much more patient. God has really helped me out in this area and I hope to go back home different than how I came.        -Sydney Ledford

God has taught me so much while I’ve been here. He’s taught me how to be patient and forgiving, even when that’s the hardest thing to do. God has shown me His love and showered me with His mercy. He spoke to me while I prayed to him and told me he had much in store for me. The funny thing was, Joel, our praise leader, said that God gave him a vision that I would be the one to spread God’s Word to my people in Korea. God has moved me and shown me his might and glory. He’s opened my eyes to so much this past week and I feel so incredibly blessed. God has shown me how strong I can be, and he is constantly telling me how he is protecting me, watching me, and guiding me. He is showing me the correct path, the one away from Satan and sin. He is protecting me from Satan in my vulnerable state. Experiencing spiritual renewal leaves people open and vulnerable, and God is our suit of armor. I’m so thankful to be here and reconnect with God again.                 -Sarah Kim

On this trip I have learned a ton about what a life lived for Christ looks like. The worship here is crazy and it definitely brings me closer to Christ! I hope that the lifestyle I am learning about here will stay with me when I return! God is so amazing.           -Kylie Anne Cisney

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