Team USA: Ask the Lord

Today we did a thing called “ATL”—Ask The Lord—which is when, instead of a predetermined ministry activity, you pray and ask God to show you what he would like you to do. We started by praying and asking God to show us things that would direct our afternoon. Sometimes people see colors, sometimes images, or sometimes a certain word comes to mind. When we prayed today, different people saw different things, including a red truck, a boat, a can of Red Bull, the colors orange, red, and blue, and an old man in a cap.
After we prayed, we started walking around town. The first thing we saw was a red truck pulling a boat…which was a little weird to me, but so awesome! Then we went into a really cool vintage jewelry shop, and one of the things they sold were bracelets made from Scrabble letters, and the letters they had on display were A, T, and L!

Then we went to a park and saw the old man wearing a cap, and we prayed for him. He seemed so much happier after we prayed. After that, we saw a picture of a bull on a church we passed, and went and bought a Red Bull. Then we went back to the park, and this time there was a girl wearing a blue shirt and red pants. So we approached her and offered her the Red Bull, and asked if we could pray with her. She was so nice and happily accepted our offer. So we stood around her and prayed with her.

Today was so amazing, and I loved everything I got to experience! I definitely will not forget this!