Team USA, Day 2: Getting Acclimated

Our first day in Chicago was spent getting to know the city. While Robin and I got all the details on our exciting ministry opportunities for the next two weeks, the rest of the group prepared for VBS and went on a prayer walk to see the neighborhood.

While our scheduled ministry doesn’t start until tomorrow, that didn’t stop us from loving, serving, and ministering to each other. In the evening, Hailey and Emily volunteered to join me on Team Laundry and take care of some pretty dank clothes and towels that had been in need of a wash since training camp. Ten loads’ worth of laundry later, we returned with several duffel bags full of fresh smelling, dry things.

Some stayed back and played football, and some discovered the midwestern wonder known as Menard’s! 

Tomorrow we head to Dunamis Church and Pacific Gardens to begin serving the people of Chicago!