Coming To Terms With My Emotions

Hi there everyone.

I have enjoyed my trip to Nepal and feel that I’ve learned so many valuable lessons on the way I feel and or my emotions. I’ve seen a reoccurring theme during my time here and I’mg enjoying every moment and thing God is opening my eyes too.  

As someone who uses their brain a lot, I tend to have a hard time paying attention to the world around me. I can often space off and miss out on somethings that are going on. I’ve also felt that once I quiet my mind, my heart tends to be more open.

On this trip, I’ve been able to play games with children in the slums and I’ve honestly enjoyed it. But with this joy, also comes sad truths. Their living conditions are terrible and it is noticeable at how accustomed to begging and fighting they are. I’ve also come to learn that you can’t have the joyed emotions of caring without the sadness of it.

I found myself suppressing tears when I saw an old man on the street begging for money. TRULY BEGGING. No guilt using, not asking, but pure begging. I feel that I disconnected myself with this feeling, but in the process cut myself off from caring at the moment. But I realize that this is an emotion given from God. If I cut myself off from them, I cut myself off from God. Realizing such, I’ve been praying to get reacquainted with these emotions and henceforth closer to God.

Thanks for reading. 

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