Giving My Heart

For a while I have not feeling connected with my body or anything. I did not know for sure why so I talked to our translator named Jesse who we call Padre about it. He asked me where my heart was. I gave him that look of what do you mean, where is my heart? It seemed like such a silly question, but then he told me if your heart is not fully with God then what are you doing?
We got into this conversation about how you have to live your life either fully for God or not at all. You can fool people but not God… WOW!
So as I was praying about it a couple hours later I realized I have not really been giving God my all. I may have given Him a couple pieces or most of it but deffinately not ALL of my heart. I just gave it all up, told God to just take my heart all of it. I was tired of feeling that way. When that happened I had such an amazing feeling. It was something that I have not experienced in a long time, and it was so relaxing. It was like a whole bunch of peace had come over me.
Now I am saying everyday, God I give you my all, my heart, mind, soul, just have it all! This trip has let me experience that, and I am so thankful for that. I am thankful for padre as well, taking time out of his day to spend a few minutes helping me while I was in a Spiritual Low

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