One Day at a Time

 Thursday we discovered a new ministry we very much enjoyed. We worked most of the day sorting and putting coats of varnish on beads made from recycled magazine paper, which will then be made into bracelets by local Nicaraguans. The bracelets are sold at various stores here in Granada, as well as a few in the States. The project was originally started to raise money for VidaJoven (YoungLife in the States). Now, the workers also have the opportunity to be paid a fair wage and are continually in an environment that points them toward Christ.
     Most of Friday was spent preparing for VBS. We led a program at Luz del Mundo (Light of the World, one of the local churches) for approximately 50 kids. It went as well as expected with 10 of us and one translator. 🙂 The team taught the story of Balaam and the talking donkey, both acting it out and then bringing up kids to act it out themselves. The kids were very forgiving of our mistakes, and we learned from them, so we prepared to teach the same lesson the next day to the young kids at the dump.
     Later that evening, however, we found out that instead of 3-8 year olds, the kids at the dump would be between the ages of 8 and 12, and that instead of the 50 we were originally told to expect, we learned there could be 70-100 kids. We spent the evening creating a new plan for ministry (one which required less material supplies and was more age-appropriate) and went to bed feeling confidant and excited.
     Saturday we got up early, ready to put our ministry plan into action… and it rained all morning. Poured, actually. Ministry at the dump was cancelled, and we spent the morning resting and praying. Although we felt some frustration at the change of plans, we recognized God’s hand in giving us a Sabbath of sorts. When the rain finally stopped around lunchtime, we headed out to a barrio about 5 minutes away and got to play and love on the kids there. They love to be held, and the team was more than willing to oblige!

From 10ni0616amb4.myadventures.org

From 10ni0616amb4.myadventures.org

     On Sunday morning we set up our makeshift photography studio in the library of El Puente. We set aside 9:00 to 12:00 for family photo time – Charles Kaye announced the event at Bible study on Wednesday, and we had been telling people as we met them. Well, 9:00 arrived and people began to fill the building… and by 10:00, we were done.
     If we thought of our ministry here in terms of numbers, we would have been rather discouraged – we prepared for up to 100 families, and only 10 came to get photos taken. But what we did in the morning was in obedience to what we believe God was asking us to do, and so we will leave any results up to Him. If nothing else, we saw thankfulness in those famlies and their attitudes were a blessing.
     In the evening, we went to a church service at Torre Fuerte (Strong Tower). For many on the team it was the first time seeing or being involved in worship in another country, another culture, another language. It expanded our view of heaven, breaking us outside the mental image of all-white, all-English worship that we didn’t even know we had. Though we could not understand the sermon, we were encouraged by seeing the hearts of the people as they worshipped through singing, dancing, giving, and prayer.

     This week we want to cover our team in prayer. And not just our team, but also El Puente, its ministries, the city of Granada, all of Nicaragua, and the other Ambassador teams all over the world. Prayer needs to be at the front of everything we do. It is more important than outward service and ministry, because without God we can do nothing. Please pray with us for these things:

  • for health, as many of us are struggling in our energy levels.
  • that God would use us as a team to refresh the staff at El Puente and the local Christians.
  • for word to spread about the womens’ fair day, and that God would draw the women He chooses to come, for HIS glory and not our pride.

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