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Internet has been rough these past few days, but it’s back up today! We asked half of the team to share a few of their own thoughts and wanted to share them with you. You’ll be hearing from the other half very soon! 

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
The WHOLE group at one of the carepoints.

What has God been revealing to you in Swaziland?

Throughout the short time that we have been in Swaziland, God has revealed to me what my heart os capable of doing. When we get to spend time with the kids, God has shown me to love like I never have before. He has also been revealing to me that He is a God that is trustworthy, a God that is personal, and a God that loves me just because he loves me!  -Jessica Dingman

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
Jess getting her hair “done” by kids at the carepoint.

God has revealed to me how tender and loving He really is. He gives me the compassion to love a tiny child while still being such a mighty and huge God. He is so good!  -Millie Scott

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
Millie holding a baby affectionately known as “Happy Baby.”
Happy Baby walks to the carepoint alone every day.

As I’ve been seeking the Lord on this wonderful trip to Swaziland, He’s been showing me amazing,m unexpected things! God has been stripping me of all things that aren’t of Him and beautifully building me up by establishing my identity in Him alone.  I’ve been asking God to give me wisdom in discerning His will for me and He’s been showing me that it’s okay to be clueless of what He holds in my future. He is able to give and take away as He pleases. It’s awesome to know because He desires to give us exactly what’s best. Ultimately, sacrificing our convenience for depth in our relationship with Christ is the safest place to be because our glorious King is our basis of security. It’s been extremely fulfilling learning to be content in each place that the Lord has placed me in. I’m continually asking God for understanding and faith. I don’t want to just accept His will for me, but wholeheartedly DELIGHT in it. -Eph 3:16-21  -Ami Anderson

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
Ami holding and loving one of the little girls.

I have realized that when I go into His presence with expectations, His plan for me in that moment will never be enough. I often get in the way of what God has planned for me because of the expectations I have already formed in my head that I want pleased. When I get rid of my expectations, God begins to show me that his holy spirit can use me in such a more powerful and effective way.  -Anna Ouimet

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
Anna hanging out with one of the older girls.

What is your favorite memory?

One of my favorite memories from this trip is when I first stepped off the bus and got through the gate of a care point. A child came up to me, held up there arms and said “ take me”. They just want to be held and loved. It touches my heart in a new and beautiful way.  -Kayla M.

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org  From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
Kayla LOVING some of the precious children.

My favorite memory so far was visiting all the care points in one day. It was a ton of fun and we met a lot of really nice kids.  -Spenser [Who celebrated his SIXTEENTH birthday yesterday. We decorated the house with signs and balloons, spent the day loving kids, had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and ended it all with songs of happy birthday, double chocolate brownies and ice-cream. It was pretty EPIC]. 

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
Spenser seriously LOVES these kids like Jesus loves.  It’s amazing.

My favorite memory so far was sitting in the dirt holding a seven month old baby boy named Kleo. It’s also a moment that God taught me so much while holding Kleo and starring into his eyes. God showed me how He delights in cradling me in His arms the same way. He loves to stare into my eyes eyes and hold me tight to show He loves me and will never abandon me. -LB

From swaziland-hs.adventures.org  From swaziland-hs.adventures.org
LB cuddling with some of the precious kids!

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