To Jump or Not to Jump?

As we rounded the last corner through the woods, the scenery suddenly opened up to show us the majestic Mantenga Falls. The water rushed over the sides of the cliff falling 95 meters to the icy cold ravine below.                         From swaziland.myadventures.org

It was a good hike from where we were to get near the base of the falls. Some of us found contentment just sitting on the rocks, occasionally putting our feet in the water. Some were more adventurous, attempting to scale the rocks to the top of the falls.

But for me, it was all about the water. Its clear, blue ripples called out to me, promising refreshment and cleansing. Admittedly, it had not been a good couple of days. Satan had been relentlessly attacking us, causing quite a bit of emotional chaos. And in dealing with it all, he had briefly succeeded in making me feel isolated and alone- even from Taylor, my incredible and devoted co-leader. Tears became my constant companion.

But now, standing by this incredible waterfall, it all began to lift away. Psalms says that all the earth proclaims the glory of the Lord. I stood on a rock about ten feet above the water, and I heard the Lord whisper, “Jump.”

Now, I had already been in the water, and the words icy cold don’t even begin to describe how frigid the water was. And ten feet IS pretty high. And you would definitely need to jump OUT to avoid rocks.


“Trust Me.”

Suddenly, it wasn’t the water in front of me, but the love, grace, peace and mercy that the Lord longs to pour out. Jump! He says. Jump into my love; dive into my grace; immerse yourself in my peace and joy.

Give your burdens to me. Stop pulling them around with you. Stop wallowing in the trials, for I have overcome the world!

It took awhile, but I jumped. And I haven’t looked back.

From swaziland.myadventures.org

What is the Lord calling you to jump into? Perhaps forgiveness, salvation- or even a trip to Swaziland yourself….

For if our God is for us, who can be against us?

A couple of other people jumped that day- in quite a different way. Through the sharing of testimonies, we learned that a couple of guys on our team had not been baptized. But I’ll let them share their own stories….

From swaziland.myadventures.org

“On Saturday July 13, 2013 I was baptized for the second time. My decision was based off my lack of understanding after my first baptism. I grew up as a pastor’s kid so Jesus has always been a part of my life. My father brought me up in front of the church one day and asked me if I wanted to have Jesus in my heart. At the time, I understood that Jesus loved me and seeing people get juice and bread for communion was very enticing. I was excited and asked Jesus into my heart, I was saved, life was good, but of course – I was six years old. Since that time, I’ve slowly become just another man of this world. That’s not acceptable, Jesus calls us to be different, and recently I heard His voice. Now that I know with everything I have that He’s the Son of God, now that I know my life is nothing without Him, I must make a change. My understanding was based off everything I had seen God do in my life, not off what my father wanted. On Saturday July 13, 2013 I was ready. I wanted Jesus in my heart and that’s why I got baptized.”


From swaziland.myadventures.org

“I got baptized because I felt like I was ready.”

~Patrick (He’s a man of few words 🙂 )

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