Yebo, Nkulunkulu

Yebo, Nkulunkulu.

Pursuing God is about saying yes.

Travelling into the beautiful, petite country of Swaziland felt almost like discovering a secret as we drove into the mountains of Mazini from the bustling city of Johannesburg. Fourteen women in total, our team is composed of lion-hearts –fourteen souls who took the step to say yes to the calling of serving those in need.

Global service is not new to me. God called me into this work years ago when I was a freshman in high school. What is new to me is a connection with the Holy Spirit that I have not been willing to expose my heart to until now. Before even entering the field, we went through a training camp designed to prepare us personally & as a team. As I went into this trip, I heard God saying, “Molly, put your heart out on the line this time. Expose it to be used & expose it to be taught.” Vulnerability is not my strong suit. I actually find that I like my heart tucked away next to my dreams & under my memories. I like my heart to be where I can protect it. I thought about debating with the Holy Spirit, but there are some battles you just can’t win, so I responded, “Yes, God.”

Exposing my heart means revealing the sufferings (past & present) of my heart to people that I met on July 1. It means welcoming the depth of an empathy unique to witnessing to the sufferings of people who are only different from you because of where they were born. It means saying, “Yes, God,” over & over no matter how or what He asks.

It has been eleven days since I left on this adventure, & I have said, “Yes, God,” every day. It is the most rewarding phrase I have ever been blessed to say. Saying yes to God means that each day I walk alongside thirteen of my sisters & watch God use our hands as vessels to pour love into Swazi children at two of the 33 Carepoints within the borders of Swaziland. Saying yes to God means that in times of listening prayer, when I open my palms & listen to God’s words, I see the words I need to use next. Saying yes to God means that sharing my testimony is an accepting and uplifting experience followed up with prayer. Saying yes to God means that I can rest in the knowledge that where I am right now, Manzini, Swaziland, is exactly where I am supposed to be. I can live and obey and love and believe right here.

I am in love with Swaziland, and it’s been eleven days. Each day I think of how different my story would be if I had a different response when He asked me to expose my heart. Each day I’m thankful for the adventure that is missions. And I find an overwhelming joy in knowing that tomorrow, when I wake up my answer will be, “Yebo, Nkulunkulu. (Yes, God.)”

Written on July 11, 2016 by Molly Majerus

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