Leader Update

Our time in Swaziland has seemed to fly by as we will be boarding a plane back to the States in one week!  

Enjoying an incredible Swaziland sunset.

During our stay here, we have been able to spend time working with carepoints and doing several work projects.  Adventures in Missions has a base in Swaziland that has a far-reaching influence in the surround Manzini area.  As a team, all of us have been amazed to see the impact that the carepoints have on the communities.  The director provided us with a ministry overview early on during our time here, and one of the things he emphasized is that whatever AIM builds, the community must be able to sustain it themselves.  For example, they provide the women to cook, as well as the wood for the fire.  It is incredible to spend time with the pre-school age kids in the mornings (all they want is love and attention) and then have the opportunity to interact with the high schoolers in the afternoons.  One of the carepoints has a talented group of singers who practice regularly.  We’ve been able to attend staff worship on Monday mornings as well. There is just nothing like listening to African vocals!

The work projects have involved digging a hole for a new toilet and helping clear countless thorny bushes to make space for new athletic fields and gardens.  We’ve certainly been able to get our cardio in with these projects!  Everyone on the team has enjoyed the balance of physical and relational ministry.

On the weekends, we’ve been able to walk around the city of Manzini.  This past weekend we were able to visit the market (lots of incredible souvenirs) and learn more about Timbali crafts. This is a ministry that was started by an American missionary to help the women of the communities provide for their families.  The women sew countless items from headbands to handbags and one of the requirements for being involved is that they also serve in a role at one of the carepoints.  Each item has the bio of the woman who created it attached so that the buyer can learn more about her story.  Such a cool ministry!

To the parents:  Emily and I continue to be amazed at the maturity and depth that each of your daughters have.  They are so hungry to grow in their relationships with the Lord, and it shows in how well they love the children at the carepoints.  Our contact even complimented the team on their positive interactions with the children!  You have raised some incredible world changers and we thank you for trusting us with them for a month half-way around the world!

To the girls on the team:  I know you won’t be able to read this for a while, but just know, Emily and I feel so privileged to do life with you so closely for a month.  You teach us so much about love, joy, and passion just by being yourselves and processing through the things that you do.  Thank you for being incredible and for putting all of your hearts into what you do every day!

Friday night movie night! It’s amazing how many people can fit into a small space!

Written by: Casey 

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