Waiting Patiently

These last couple of weeks God has been telling me that He has an elaborate plan for my life,  and I have to wait for his timing. I have trouble being patient because I want things to be done now. He is teaching that I have to be patient for his timing.  Trust has always been hard and scary. He said if I let Him, He promises to take care of me and the plan for my life.

During this trip, I have been able to serve the children at the carepoints their one meal a day.  It has been great to see that the food that people pack in the States is actually getting to the children who really need it.  One of the women at the carepoint has asked me, specifically, to help with serving the food and likes my company even though we don’t understand each other.  The “hi’s” and “hello’s” make a big difference in our relationships with the people in Swaziland.  So far, I’m enjoying serving food and waiting patiently for the Lord’s timing.

Written by: Miranda

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