Wow! So this is the first blog that I’ve had a chance to post since the start of our trip! What a privilege it has been to spend these past few weeks living life and ministering with these 18 young men and women and my 2 incredible co-leaders! Christ is at work in Swaziland in huge ways… starting with each one of us!

There is so much that I could share about how the Lord has used and worked inside this team! One amazing thing the Lord has shown me through this group is true brokenness for what breaks the Lord’s heart. We have spent some time loving and getting to know the children and their mothers/ caretakers at the Government Hospital in Mbabane. The hospital is truly a dark place… death is everywhere. The back room of the children’s ward is filled with precious children who have been abandoned and have no where else to go and one nurse to “care� for them. The rooms are filled with hurting kids fighting for life, and their caretakers who must stay constantly by their side. Honestly, the place is far from inviting and almost hopeless. Praise our God that He is the God of hope!

While at the hospital, I’ve had chances to look around and see our team shining light in this dark place. I’ve looked around to see Rob drawing pictures for a little boy dying of tuberculosis, all while he speaks truth into the boy’s little life. I’ve seen Kirstie run from room to room rejoicing that the little abandoned baby girl, which she has held tight every moment we’ve been in the hospital, has now been given the chance to live in a solid home. I looked outside to see Shannon holding an abandoned, disabled boys hand for hours and never letting go. I’ve seen Bekah’s smile bring joy to the life of disabled girl who frankly hasn’t seen someone smile at her near enough. I’ve seen Lauren share her life with a mother who barely understands English, but sure does understand love. Honestly, I could go on and on! I have seen each and every single member of this team pour Jesus out in this seemingly hopeless place. Then, as we walked out of the hospital, I’ve looked around to see broken people. They aren’t broken by things of this world, but instead, they are broken for what breaks our Lord’s heart. It is a beautiful picture… this team of broken individuals going to love broken people in the children’s ward of the Mbabane hospital!
What a true blessing it has been to be a part of God’s work in and through this team! 

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18