Ministry Snapshots

Hello friends! God is working so powerfully in Swaziland!! Today some of us went to the Hope House, which is a place for people who are recovering from injury or sickness. I met this one man named Mark. He was in a car accident last year, and he broke several bones. He recently had to have surgery, and he is in the Hope House recovering. He had such strong faith! He said that even though he is suffering, he trusts God and knows that God is using this time to make him stronger. He was so happy that we visited him! He said that he has family but none of them had come to see him. We were able to encourage him just by being there, and he was truly an encouragement to us too! We prayed for him, and he said that he already feels better. I praise God that he has put me here for a reason. May God continue to be glorified in everything our team does here!


Hey everyone!! Things are going great in Swaziland! We have been working at the care points everyday this week. It is always a surprise when the teacher asks you to take over and teach the class that day. I still can’t get used to it. The kids are all so sweet. They are joyful, and so kind to each other. There is this one girl named Makhala, I have grown very attached to her. She is the sweetest girl ever. It was heartbreaking hearing her story. But I know God is watching over her, and he has a great plan for her life. God is doing amazing things here in Swaziland, please keep praying for our team and the work we will do this week!!


Do you ever look at something and just automatically think that’ s the way it is? WELL that’s how my thoughts were towards Swaziland. You know the whole third world country kids that are so sad and need us to come in and “rescue them”. But things are sometimes way different that what you think…you know these kids have soo much joy and thankfulness for everything they have. The way they are willing to accept you no matter what and welcome  you with so much love. You know i think they have showed me more than i could ever imagine. LIfe is beautiful and God is good and he saved us. That’s more than enough. GOD is more than enough. So don’t ever look at things the way you think it is ” suppose” to be but the way God has it.


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