Sometimes You Must Dance and Rejoice in the Rain

Swaziland has been experiencing the worst drought in a century. They have not seen a single drop of rain in many months. As some of you may know, if you know me, I have an intense affection for rain and everything that comes along with that. Since the day we arrived, we have all been continually praying and hoping for rain.  Rain has always been something that has had the ability to cleanse my soul and make me feel alive. Some of my fondest memories are those of rainy days spent with the people I love most.

The drought in Swaziland has been devastating, crops have been dying, and the country is losing the ability to feed itself through its own sustainable, agricultural resources. Several organizations have taken it upon themselves to ship and fill large shipping containers of food and necessities from the US. This is no small or cheap task, and though this has had an important role in helping the impoverished, the funding needed for these shipping containers often takes away some of the budget for the personal and communications side of the relief effort. Without this funding, it has become an increasingly difficult task to disciple and teach these people how to thrive and be able to sustain their way of life. The necessity of food trumps the personal growth for obvious reasons.

Today I got the privilege of seeing it rain. Waking up this morning and seeing those little droplets of hope falling on this nation was one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences I have had  and will likely ever experience. The Swazi landscape is incredibly lush but has long been covered in dust. Today the rain washed away the dust, and it was as if the land was made new in that moment. We have been tested and pushed in many ways this month, and the rain washed away all of our frustrations, leaving us with joy and amazement.

The rain was, without a doubt, a gift from God and something I will forever hold dear in my heart. This past month I have experienced so many parts of this wonderful, exciting, joyful, and loud country. This morning when I awoke to the rain, the country stood still with wonder and amazement. The once dusty country was made new with the rain and is bursting so brilliantly with life.  I have never been more excited to dance and rejoice in the rain.

Written by: Carrie 7/24/2016

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