Standing on Holy Ground


My team of 15 girls and 2 leaders were split into two groups and assigned a care point. My co-leader lead one team and I was assigned to the other. Our care point would be Ntabas, conveniently located just 5 minutes walking distance from our homestead.

We weren’t sure exactly what all we’d be doing at the care point, but my girls and I were ready for just about anything our first day. As we walked onto the property we were immediately greeted by a sea of little preschoolers running towards us. Each jumped into the arms of one of the girls and wrapped their arms around their neck and buried their faces into their chests as if to say, “I’ve picked you.” There were minimal introductions needed but instant bonds were formed. One simple hug was all it took for the girls and I to decide to love them with everything we had.


The rest of the first week looked a lot like helping them with their school work, playing on the playground, singing songs and just being their friends. In the afternoons the older school children would come and relationships began to grow with them as well. Those took longer, as many were shy and needed time to warm up. But, once they began, we were making inside jokes, writing each other letters, and taking turn teaching each other about our respective cultures.

As the next week went on, I became distinctly aware of the atmosphere at the care point. The kids didn’t just love on us, they loved each other and they loved the Lord. We were told stories from our teammates at the other care point, where kids were fighting a lot and they were experiencing more of struggle. All I felt at our care point was an overwhelming amount of love. The shepherd charged with discipling these children cared for them like they were his children. He knew their names and their stories. He provided a safe place to come and learn about the Lord and provided the structure that many were lacking. He disciplined when necessary but followed with encouragement and love. The children worshipped the Lord and thanked Him for all He had provided and they openly talked about their relationship with their Heavenly Father.

I remember one day, while playing with the kids, I began singing softly an old some from my childhood. The words say, “we are standing on Holy Ground, we are standing in His presence, on Holy Ground.” The shepherd heard me singing and asked what the song said. When I began to sing it for Him, I heard the Lord say, “Ntabas is Holy Ground.”

The children at Ntabas are His. He knows each of theirs names and their stories. He has placed people in their lives to walk alongside them and nurture not just physical needs but their spiritual needs as well. He placed a desire in each one of us to pack our bags, fly across the world, just to love on each one of those special children. They may have terrible home situations, or have experienced tragedy outside of those gates, many of their little hearts are struggling with tough stuff, but when they step on the grounds the care point, the presence of the Lord is there.

My prayer for Ntabas is that when they are there they receive refuge from pain, loneliness, and hurt. I pray they can fill their bellies and their spirits with the fullness of God. My hope is that they can learn who God is and how they can have a relationship with Him. Most of all I pray they can experience the love that only comes from Christ. I bless Ntabas as Holy Ground!

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