Yesterday was really our first day of true ministry. 10 of us went to an orphange for abandoned babies, and the rest of us went on prayer walk around our neighborhood. For us that went on the prayer walk, the Lord revealed to us what He had planned! As soon as we walked down our road, we ran into a preschool that just got out. They were all sitting in the yard waiting for their parents to pick them up. As soon as they saw us, the started yelling “How are you?” repeatedly! We couldn’t resist but laugh and we played with them for like and hour and a half! They would yell “Shoot Me” which meant they wanted us to take a picture of them, and we could then show them the picture we took…thanks to digital. As soon as they saw the picture, they would laugh and yell, That’s me! After that, we walked around the neighborhood talking to people, trying our hardest to speak Swati. They laugh at us when we speak to them in Swati, but it’s a good laugh, they really respect us. We met a pastor on Sunday that has lived here 7 years and still doesn’t know how to say thank you…it’s really sad and disappointing.

We are still coming together as a team. It has been fun watching the team grow as one and jump into ministry together. In an hour, we will be jumping right back into the Homestead ministry (which is the ministry where we walk around the neighborhood and talk to people.) Please continue to keep us in your prayers, we really appreciate it.