The Secret…

Hello Everyone,

Saturday started with some sad goodbyes as we left Dunmanway. It was hard saying goodbye to Ms. Daphne, Liz, Norma, and Raymond. Then we all rushed to the bus and began the first leg of our trip to Kilkenny…

But before I go on about that, probably one of the coolest non ministry related activities in Dunmanway was the “Secret of West Cork” aka “The Secret Gardens.” It was basically a nice way of saying Irish boot camp. For me this was grand, but for the girls, not so much. We had to follow maps, race go carts, crawl in the mud, run through mud pits, and slide down a mud/soap slide at the end of it all. Thank you Jesus for obstacle team builders.

Ok now we arrived in Kilkenny about half nine Saturday. We trekked what seemed like 5 or 6 kilometers in at least 25 degrees (Celsius) heat to our humble abode here at Kilkenny Community Church.

The first day of kids club here in Kilkenny was fantastic with six amazing kids. Two boys and four girls who all are very good with the songs and memory verses their parents came at half twelve and picked them up. I am hoping to see God move more here in Kilkenny. What a journey it has been so far, Love and prayers. Abideeb deeb debb that’s all folks!


-Jackson Rogers

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