The storm came around 6 am. I hardly noticed until our door swung wide open and slammed shut repeatedly. I sat up in my bed and thought, “MAN, are you serious!? We were supposed to go on a feeding this morning!” Shortly after my loud awakening I fell back asleep.

The rain and the wind was really rough for a while so we couldn’t go anywhere(AKA breakfast). Fortunately Heather came to our rescue with poptarts, crackers, and peanut butter! After that we were basically good to go.It felt like a super long rainy morning, but just like all good things, it came to an end. Someone came and picked us up around 10ish (heavy on the ish) and took us to the YMC (the place where we do most ministries).

When we piled out of the van Penny suggested that we go help clean the streets. Honestly I wasn’t all that thrilled about it. But as I did it, it hit me. I was made to serve. I wasn’t made to be a self-absorbed being. No, not at all. I was made to be a servant of the Most High King.

I went forth with that mind set and swept trash and leaves out of the road. And it was actually fun! the Filipinos were either helping us or videoing and laughing at us. Were given these short little brooms that were clearly not made for Americans, but for the small stature of the Filipinos. 

 As I was sweeping along more and more started to laugh. I bet that we looked absolutely hilarious! I mean we are larger white people with small brooms, sweeping a road… yeah. Anyway, I didn’t even think much about it before I laughed too. I didn’t care what I looked like because I knew I was serving Jesus and his people. And frankly, I don’t care if I look a fool doing it! 

Two things came to mind while sweeping later that day:

1) The song lyrics “consistent is the life I lead” from the movie Marry Poppins. I do not know WHY this came to mind,       but it did. As I continued to sing I came to a realization. I realized that these people do not live consistent lives         and neither should I. Since I’ve been here everyday has been something new and exciting (including the                   weather).

    Consistency isn’t a bad thing, but for me it creates expectations. Life without expectations is like reading a book         you know nothing about. You never know the turn in the plot and you’re more open to what comes next.

2) My actions can speak life just as much as my words can. We were working in the road, as you may have heard,         when a group of kidos came up and asked to help. They followed us all the way to the school and helped us clean     the playground. 

    It’s crazy to see how much power my actions have. My actions be pleasing to the Lord or pleasing to the enemy.       And after seeing the power of my actions, I want ALL my actions to please the Lord. If I have power to make kids     want to clean the streets than I could potentially have the power to bring people to Christ. Of course I cannot             change their hearts, but my actions can plant a seed.

The Lord is So good and So mighty in what He speaks to us. I pray that God will present himself to you all. And with that I pray that you will be accepting of his presence. Many blessings to you all! 

Hakuna Matata, Brenan 

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