Well we are in our last day now, and the girls have said it several times “Where did the three weeks go!?!”  As we have debriefed our experiences and done our best to prepare for our trips home, it is easy to say that we are sad to see that this trip is almost over.  There is hope in knowing, however, that the mission field is not only in the Philippines, it is on our soil as well.

Last night we talked with the girls about the impact that they can have on their friends and families by simply telling the many stories that they have from this trip.  We strongly encourage them to continue to tell those stories, even when it seems like they have told them 100 times, because we never know the impact that our tales can tell.  The Lord will continue to use these three weeks to minister to the girls and also the friends and families that they are going home to.  So expect to hear those stories, to look at pictures, and see the changes that have been made by this experience.

Tonight we will say goodbye to our hosts, Ruben, Sharon, and Joy.  We were able to bless them with gifts for the new baby coming soon, and school products for Joy.  We were also able to bless eight separate families and two main ministries that the Cebu City Alliance Church is in charge of with the extra money that we had left over from our budget.  What a huge blessing that will be for those families and those ministries.

Pray for us as we travel home.  With all of those time zones we will be crossing, we get to experience Friday almost twice :o)  Last year we saw 2 sunsets on our 14 hour flight home.  Pretty cool.  Pray for each of us as we experience coming home after such a life changing trip, and that God would continue to move in us as we minister in our communities at home.  The Lord has done great things here in the Philippines and in each of us, and we praise him for that.

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