They Don’t Forget

One of the most exciting things about coming back to a country that you have already been in is meeting the people that you met before and seeing the ways that ministry has progressed.  As we made our way to Riverside for the first time this year, I couldn’t help but smile.  I was so excited to see the children.  They do not dissappoint, and they definitely don’t forget.

As we stepped into the community children began appearing out of everywhere yelling for us and running in our direction.  I and Joy are the only ones that they recognize, but they are so excited for the prospect of play time that faces don’t matter.  The little ones that we held last year are now walking, and the others have grown as well.  I am excited to see all of them, but I know the one that I am looking for.  The girl who I spent many hours with last year.  She suffers from physical and mental dissabilities but she touched me the most last summer.

Irvil came from behind a wall guided by one child on each hand.  It is painful to watch her run towards me with her legs so weak that she cannot walk with them straightened.  Her knees touching, and her toes slipping in an out of her sandles, she only has one focus: getting to me.  I couldn’t help it, I ran for her.  It felt a little bit like a slow motion scene from a movie, but hugging her for the first time in a year was the sweetest thing.  She was so excited that she couldn’t contain herself and quickly ran to greet the other students, a smile stretched across her face.

We spent the next hour and a half in each others prescence.  Drawing pictures to one another, communicating with hand gestures, and watching the team play with the other children.  What a blessing it was.

Thank you Lord for the heart of this child.  Her joy touched me so profoundly yesterday, and I couldn’t help but see your love flowing through her.

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