10 Days to Go…

That’s crazy talk.
This morning we realized we’re almost down to the final week of ministry.  It’s a strange thought.  It feels like we just got here and it also feels like we’ve been here forever.
Yesterday we began our ministry in Basak.  A community about half an hour away down quite a few bumpy roads.  We spent the day going door to door in the community learning about problems the people face, hearing their stories, and sharing some of our own stories.  Some of the houses are simple concrete buildings with basic utilities, but most of them are empty bamboo huts – raised up on stilts (to avoid flooding) with see-through floors and leaky roofs.  We met a paralyzed man, a set of parents whose daughter was assasinated less than a year ago, drivers of some of the Jeepneys that drive us around town, some beautiful others – from all walks of life, and a whole lot of children.
Once 4:30 rolled around we gathered the children in some open space to sing songs, play some games, and to teach the story of the prodigal son.  They are an incredible group of kids, they sang really loud and were glued to the story while we acted it out.  We also invited them to a feeding that will take place this afternoon at 4:30.  We are thinking there will probably be a ton of kids.  Yesterday there were close to 100 and it was only our first day in the community.
Pray for the rest of our time in Basak this week – that the language barrier wouldn’t be too much of a problem and that the Spirit would come through in our conversations to give birth to things that last.
That’s all the time we’ve got for now.
We’ll post again soon – maybe even with some pictures…….maybe.

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