The Lord is Moving!

This week has been an amazing week we have seen God move in so many ways out in the community and within our team.

First an update on Lucy…. well she has started to regain feeling in the lower part of her leg and in her foot. She also has had a complete change just emotionally, she used to barely register emotion and now she is constantly laughing. She also now believes the Lord will heal her completely.
Most of the team has now preached or at the very least shared there testamony, although they have all experienced nerves they have all done a great job. The Lord has really used them to speak new life into this community.

Another group within the team has also made  a connection with a man name Mwangi that lives in the community. They have witnessed the Lord truly working in this man. The first day the man was argumentative with many questions about the Bible but he refused to hear the name Jesus be spoken. Now days later they have visited him many times always trying to answer his questions or going home and searching for the answers if they don’t know them. This man is now reading the new testament, he now acknowledges that Jesus was a man that once lived. We have seen such a change in him we are sure that someday soon he will believe. But we ask your prayers for this man because, he knows so much (he is one of the smartest men this group has ever met), so please just pray with us that this man would continue in his hunger for knowledge of the Lord.

Also as many of you have probably already noticed your participants got to communicate home today. We just wanted to let you know that this will the last time they will have this opportunity until you see them when they return home. This just because we will be moving back to Eburru on wednesday where we have no internet access.
Thank you for your prayers
Team Kenya

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