Guatemala, Here We Come!

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Team Guatemala!

As training camp comes to an end, we are excited and ready for what God has in store for us in Guatemala. God has already done some amazing work in these students lives. A question the students were asked at training camp was, “What does God say about you?”

Please take a minute and read through their responses and celebrate with us the work God is already doing and the revelations He is bringing in their lives:

Jasmine-this week having lost, found & returned my luggage after a few days, God has shown me that I’m a lot stronger (with His help of course) than I realized. God has also emphasized Col. 1:14, which says, “we have been set FREE!”

Miranda- I am loved. I am definitely being stretched…but I’m loving it.  

Roo- I am beautiful, enough and made perfect in Him. The Lord delights in His daughter.

Lorena- I am perfect just the way I am.

Kathrine- I am content to live with God’s promises, rather than the world’s empty promises.

Kayla- I am here to tell about His love.

Tosha- I am His beautiful daughter and no matter what people say about me, I am a child of God and he loves me.

Remy- I am capable.

Steve- Be bold in faith and action.

We know God has so much more for us, and that this is only the beginning. We appreciate your prayers.  We are praying that our hearts will be open to God’s work and that we will follow His guidance. Continue to check this blog for updates on our journey in Guatemala.


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