He Goes Before Us

Our days in Guatemala have been some of my favorite in my life. I have found myself laughing uncontrollably with people I only met a week ago. Leaving these people and this country will definitely not be easy.

Driving to San Pedro was filled with laughter and looking at all the beautiful scenery. It took each and every one of our breaths away. On the first full day here in San Pedro we all got together and started planning our VBS program for all the different churches we would go to in the next couple of weeks. We also got to plan a radio show because yes, our team was on the radio in Guatemala that reached all around Lake Atitlan (and it’s a BIG lake). I started out being a part of a song called Freedom is Coming that our good friend, Emma, taught us. While that was fun, I didn’t know I would be singing a duet with Emma, as well. It was funny because we had texted before the trip about our common love for Amanda Cook (shout out to Emily) and the song we sang was Shepherd (shout out to Snix). For those at home, you all know I love to sing and it’s subconscious half the time. I never thought in a million years I would be performing. Emma and I ran through the song once before performing and I’ve never felt more comfortable singing in front of people. Singing this song for the radio program, and a couple more groups of people after that has been such a new experience for me. I was hoping this trip would draw me out of my comfort zone but I never thought it would be in this way. Worship has always been one of my favorite ways of communicating with God and to be leading a song has been a memory I will never forget. Singing to a ukulele hasn’t been so bad either.

You know those kinds of friendships where you just feel completely comfortable in your own skin? That’s how I feel here. It hasn’t been hard to share stories, interests, or fears. While I wish my family and friends could experience Guatemala with me, meeting these incredible people have been a part of the journey.

Guatemala is full of color. From above, the city looks all white and rustic but as soon as you walk through the streets there is always something catching your eye that you didn’t see the day before. I’ve enjoyed saying “Hola!” to every person I see even if they don’t always say it back (probably because that’s about all I know how to say, but I’m learning). Communicating with people here has been difficult and frustrating especially when it’s with someone you desire to connect with. But thankfully, we have our amazing friends, Krysta and Tori, who definitely know their Spanish. Krysta has been our designated translator for the radio program and VBS’ and we would barely be able to survive without her.

I have had a great time getting to try the iced coffee here. My new friend Kolbi and I are trying to try as many coffee shops as possible while we’re here. We can’t wait to go back to our favorite coffee place on the corner by the big hill (written by Kolbi. He insisted I write about coffee in this).

Right now I’m enjoying a relaxing ride on a boat on our way back to San Pedro from zip lining in Panjachel (which was AMAZING but shout out to Beck, you would’ve been freaking out). Emma and I were chatting about our experiences so far with missions and how we both feel like it’s something we’ve been called to in one way or another. Talking with Emma is beautiful because you can see and hear the genuineness of her faith. She told me how God spoke to her through a waterfall. She said, “This morning I was praying and for some reason I was thinking of a waterfall. And when we were hiking up to the zip line I saw the waterfall that was there and it was so amazing. You know how when water is at the top of the water fall and it’s just stagnate and you’re just like okay so what? It’s just water. Well as soon as you let yourself fall, it’s so beautiful.” I have never understood something more. It’s obvious that Emma and I are letting God take control of our lives and focusing on how He goes before us. There is no reason to rush into wanting answers or plans. God is in control.

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