Gifts of Food and Hearts of Service

We have had a busy few days here in Guatemala! From playing sports in town, putting on VBS programs at various schools, to being on a local radio program. Some of our team’s favorite times of ministry are when they are walking through town and hear the Lord calling them to stop and pray for someone. Check out Kelsey’s story from earlier in the week below! 

Hey this is Kelsey! In the first week here in Guatemala, God has revealed so many beautiful opportunities to me. I’ve connected with kids a lot at VBS, and just really been in touch with the Holy Spirit. Today our team went down to a basketball court in San Pablo to play sports with the kids. After feeling a little sick and run down, I decided to adventure with some of my other teammates in Ask the Lord instead of playing basketball. We all quieted our hearts and prayed for a while, and then set out.

First we entered a Catholic church and spent some time in prayer there. Then we continued to walk the streets. Multiple people in my group felt they had specific visions from the Lord. There was definitely a presence with us from God. We stopped at a small convenience store that I felt called to go into, and Bryce and Emily W. bought small snacks. While slowly becoming lost within the streets of San Pablo, Emily D. felt that we would need to go into someone’s house. She didn’t picture anything, so we kept going, hoping she would realize when she saw it. After a short break from walking in the beating sun, Emily added that the house was green (a lot of the houses are painted the colors of their preferred political party, and she saw ‘UNE’ which is green). Then later she pictured it being in a small ally, as many houses’ entrances are. So as we walked we all kept an eye out.

This whole time Emily D. felt a twisting in her stomach, and when we passed the ally, she saw a flash of lightening and a gravitation towards it. God clearly told us that this was the house. We allowed her in the front of the group and said for her to lead us, and at that moment she basically yelled at me that it was my turn to take over. The Holy Spirit used her to find the house, but it was my turn to finish with the gospel. So I walked first down the ally. I peeked in the door, nervously hoping I wouldn’t see anyone. Of course Bryce shouts ‘Hola!’ and soon we’d been invited inside. So I walked down the steps to greet a woman named Elena in her 20’s or 30’s. We gave her the food that Bryce and Emily W. had purchased earlier. I asked her a few questions and shared our tract “Cinco Pasos a La Vida Eterna” with her. Then I asked to pray for her. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into a quieter, shaded room. Before I could begin to pray, she started to pour out her heart to me in Spanish (remember that none of this is in English). She told me her mother in law, Canderilla was in the hospital. She said it was really affecting her family and their little kids. She asked me to pray for Canderilla, but also the family and their children. I began to pray that they would experience peace and that God would bring her mother in law back home in perfect health.

As I finished praying, Elena was crying. She continued to thank me a million times. Before I left I told her not to worry because I knew that God’s hand of protection was on her. When I left the room, I came into the courtyard to see Emily W. washing the clothes for Elena’s daughter. It was beautiful that we entered their house with gifts of food and hearts of service. We didn’t plan on bringing food for them, but earlier we felt guided to buy it. Everything we felt on our walk had led us to this one amazing moment of sharing the Lord with this family. God provided a family in need to us and put us in their path. God works in amazingly radical ways.

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