Discerning God?s Voice in the Chaos

In the chaos of our everyday lives it can be hard to hear God’s voice — discerning his will for us can even become encumbering. What happens, however, when you slough off the world’s weight of daily to do’s? What happens when you allow yourself nothing but time before the Lord? What happens when you focus on listening, instead of speaking?

At some point, you feel a tug on your heart; that still, small whisper of something more.

Our Ambassador kids felt this desire for something more. So they faithfully come; suitcases in hand (or dragging, overloaded, on the ground), ready to take on the world. They take their focus off what they’re leaving behind, and start focusing on what’s awaiting them — they begin to listen.

They arrived in the dead of the night, exhausted, and awoke to the beauty of San Pedro La Laguna — an oasis from the outside world, seemingly separated from the progress of time.

Here the kids are learning to listen, both in the still shade of the mountains, and the chaos of the town markets. They hear the roosters crow, crack the quiet morning; they hear the church bells when they sit in town square; they hear the prayers of the people echo through the church hall; they hear the children’s laughter as they play; they hear God’s voice as they discern where to go, and how to pray for everyone they encounter — old and young.

More often than not, we find it easier to be in tune with God’s voice when we can focus solely on him — sans distractions. Can you find a way to do this in your own life too?

Stay tuned for pictures of this beautiful place, as well as this kids ministry opportunities, including singing on the radio!


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