So what will the Ambassadors actually be doing in Puerto Rico???

Good Question!

The Puerto Rico Ambassador team will be in Hatillo, Puerto Rico continuing relationships with teens in a local park through morning camps and evening activities.


For the past two weeks, short term teams have been cultivating relationships with teens in the neighborhood of Mar Azul in Hatillo. The AMB team will help to grow these relationships more intentionally since they will be in the area longer than these past teams. There will be plenty of time to help the teens connect on many different levels. This will happen through sports, food and conversations.



The team will also have the opportunity to grow their evangelism muscles by passing out water in the local plaza or having conversation with the locals at the nearby beach. There is also a nursing home in the area that loves to have young visitors.


Close your eyes for a second. Imagine looking out of your front window and hearing the sound of waves, feeling a nice cool breeze and smelling the aroma of salt and coconuts in the air. This is exactly what the Ambassador team will experience while they are in Hatillo.

The team will be staying in their very own 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house located right by the beach. There is a kitchen with stove, oven and fridge.


Please be in prayer for the Puerto Rico Ambassador Team.