Africa, It’s Been Real

We’re coming home!!!
Can’t believe our time in Africa is coming to an end; We all board a plane is less than 12 hours to come home. Our time here has been so great and while we’re sad to leave, we all leave different people. God awakened us and is sending us home to finish what He started. I can tell each and every one of you parents, siblings, friends, family… that your student is coming home changed. God worked in big ways amoung this team and they were used to plant many seeds here in Africa. I want to thank you for entrusting Ashley, Jeremy, and I with your students and giving them the opportunity to experience Kenya. While our goodbyes will be hard, we all leave with  new friends and family members. I want to leave you with some quotes from your students about the trip:

Anna: I LOVE PIZZA IN AFRICA. But seriously, I’m coming home with 16 new best friends

Matt: It’s been a great experience and I fell in love with so many kids here…it was by far my favorite part

Emma: I’m glad that God molded my heart to be a different person

Emily: I laughed until I cried daily here. My heart needed that

Hannah Beam: I had a great time and God taught me a lot while I was here. I fell more in love with African children

Ryan: Even though I’m coming home, part of me will still be here

Hannah H: I have loved hearing God speak clearly to me, in a way I’ve never heard before

Grace: I spent a month in Africa, can’t get much better than that

Mary Melissa: I went hard, so now I’m going home…thank you Africa for this experience

Hattie: Peace out Kenya. It’s been real, I’ve been changed, and now it’s time for me to go home

Regan: Thank you Africa for helping me strengthen my faith…and There once was a man named Michael Finagain

Callie: I have loved seeing God work here

Andie: I loved talking to the kids in their broken English and seeing them light up as they talked to us “mzungu’s”. They were so excited at the fact that we acknowledged them

Katelyn: I feel so good here, it’s going to be hard going home. I already miss it

See you all soon
<3 Jess

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