Hey Everyone!!!

Team Taraji (Team Kenya) just wants to say “Hi”, from training camp and give you a little picture of what they have been up to at training camp. 

From kenya-hs.adventures.org
Team Taraji
Taraji means expects in Swahili. Our team believes that God is going to great things with our team and through our team.
From left to right our team consists of Jesse, Allison, Kristen, Matt, Halleigh, Emily, Miranda, and Ashley. (not pictured are leaders Tara, Scott and Ashley)

The team has really just been bonding with each other, learning more about who God is and their personal relationship with the Lord. They have also spent some time learning about traveling the world and about the cultures they will be going to be living in. They are having a great time and want to thank all of you reading for supporting them on this trip and they are praying for y’all back home. 

Prayer requests 

  • Please be praying for our team as we continue to bond with each other over the next two days before we hop on our plane to Kenya.
  • Speaking of Kenya we leave on Monday so please be praying that the Lord would really be preparing our way and that the wait to get there will go by quickly because everyone can’t wait to get there.