Singing in the Rain

The team was invited to hold a service at one of the local public schools in Eburu.  The plan was that we would sing a few songs, someone would preach, a few others would share some testimonies and the team would share a drama.

Before the team headed out, Scott prayed that all expectations would be destroyed.  It’s a good thing our hearts were prepared because things did not go as planned.  We were originally wupposed to have 90 minutes, but we were quickly informed that plans had changed and we only had 40 minutes.  Almost right after arriving, the rain clouds started rolling in and down came the rain.

Instead of worrying, the team just went with it.  They cut short the signing, went straight to the drama in order to read the kids for the message which was to be delivered by Matt.  The kids were just mesmerized.  It didn’t matter that we were all being soaked, they could not get enough of what He was doing.  After the preaching we decided that it would be best to send the kids home since it was still pouring out and everyone was getting thoroughly soaked.  The team intended to just sing as they were leaving, but instead they began to sing their hearts out to the Lord.  It was as if each person on the team was all alone with only the Lord in front of them.  It was one of the most powerful moments of the trip so far.

I just spoke to Tara and she recounted this blog to me because the team doesn’t currently have internet in Eburu.  They’re hoping to have internet early next week so that the team can contact you directly then.  In the meantime, they are all completely safe, happy and being used by the Lord in incredible ways.  The leaders can’t stop bragging about how incredible they are!

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