Worship in the Valley

Caucasians. African Americans. Mexicans. Puerto Ricans. Chinese.
Males. Females.
Babies. Children. Teenagers. College-aged students. Adults. Parents. Grandparents.
Ex-prisoners, drug addicts, and gang members.
Lifelong believers. New believers.
Each clean and perfect through the eyes of our Father.

From mexico-hs.adventures.org

All in ONE room as ONE body in Christ, worshiping ONE holy and perfect God.
This is one of the many blessings we’ve received since being in the Valley. We’ve had several times of being able to worship with the local community and have seen our differences fade as we raise each of our voices to praise the God of the universe. Each time, I’m captivated at the beautiful sight. It’s something that will never grow old.

—Jenny Gossard (2 week Mexico team leader)

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